Water Shack in Vista: Alkaline & Purified Water

Not Your Ordinary Water Store!

The Best Water in San Diego

Easy access and plenty of parking. Refill your bottles and save. 24 Hour vending for both Purified and PH+9 Alkalized. Huge selection of Bottles, Stands, Crocks, and Accessories. 

24 Hour Vending Available

24 Hour Vending for Purified & Alkalized water. Providing a well-lit area for water fill-ups at your convenience!!!

Thrifty Ice Cream & Sundaes

12 delicious flavors,  your choice of cone or cup. How about a Hot Fudge Sundae? Maybe a custom made Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich? Your choice of cookies, and ice cream flavor, only $2.50 each.

Coffee & Frappes

Espresso, Coffee Americano, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Hot or Iced Teas, and maybe the best Frappes in town! Try the Peanut Butter Mocha with an added shot of Espresso, you won't be disappointed.

Baked Goods

Fresh Baked Cookies and Triple Chocolate Brownies. Homemade Rice Krispie Treats (they are huge), and locally made Potato Chips and Chicharrones de Harina (add hot sauce, Chamoy sauce, and lemon).

Shave Ice

26 flavors for unlimited options. Fluffy shave ice made with our pure ice. Starting at only $1.00 for the Kids size. Add your favorite ice cream at the bottom for an amazing treat. Add toppings or try one of our Shave Ice Creation offerings. 

And So Much More!!!

The last of the Video Stores!!! Not extinct, just a rare gem.

 The latest movie releases for rent available in  DVD & Blu-Ray. Over 8000 titles for only $1.00 per day, newer releases only $2.69 plus tax. 

New movie titles available Tuesdays

Water Shack in Vista is a water store, and so much more!!! Dinner, dessert, and movies all in one place.Every Tuesday new arrivals hit the shelves!!!Movie reservations available by request.

Movies available for purchase for $2.50 & $5.00!!!

We always have a continuous flow of movies available for purchase. Movies for sale are at the low costs of $5.00 & $2.50!!! Can't find what you're looking for in the store? No problem, we can do special orders to help you build your personal collection

Digital Copies

Tired of clutter and DVD boxes taking up so much space? We have the answer!!! Find digital copies of your  favorite new movies here. Save space and have your movies at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you go.

Free Membership

Making movie rentals nice and easy!!!  Opening an account is sweet and simple with no monthly payments or membership fees, you only pay for what you get!!!

Specials Available

Our running specials have been offered for years. Weekday special, if you rent a new release Mon-Thurs you get an older release at no charge. Kids special, rent 2 kid's corner movies your 3rd is no charge. 


No upcoming events.

About Us

What is PH+9 Alkalized Water?

There are numerous claims of the health benefits when drinking water with an elevated PH  or Alkaline content. At Water Shack we start with our Purified Drinking Water and infuse natural minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium are the primary 3) which brings the PH Balance up into the high 9s. This method maintains the higher PH even when stored for months prior to using. Always keep your bottles of water out of the sun light, and we recommend the use of BPA Free Bottles or Glass. Drop by for a taste of our delicious Purified and Alkalized Water, see if you can tell the difference.

KANGAROO REWARDS Customer Loyalty Program

Big savings for our loyal customers!!! Earn free water refills,  ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, shave ice, and frappes. Come in, sign up, and get 50 points just for starting. You can earn BONUS loyalty points by sharing these benefits with your friends through in-store referrals. Joining our loyalty program is easy, and efficient. A short and sweet process requires only a minute or two of your time, and you can easily keep track of your accumulated points on your own device with the Kangaroo Rewards App.

Video Rentals?

A Very Economical Way To Have A Really Awesome Evening!

Some people might ask what’s so great about a video store, most of them are gone? Well think about what a wonderful experience it was heading to the local Video store, browsing through all the new releases, maybe even a look through the comedy or horror. Remember going with your family and picking a movie for family movie night? Some truly great memories and this terrific experience is still available for you and your family. Sure you can stand at a little Red box for limited choices, or you can come enjoy the huge selection and great atmosphere. Video $ Day has been serving Vista for over 30 years!


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